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Sept 2019 Beta Feedback  


Matthew Bellows
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21/10/2019 5:57 pm  

During the week of Sept 30 2019 I conducted 13 “Second Beta” interviews. There were three parts to the interview: a set of intro questions, a hands on product sample, and a few exit questions. 

This document summarizes the results of those interviews. Each took between 45 minutes and one hour, so the feedback below is heavily condensed. 

The interviewees were (again) a homogenous group: males between 22 and 47 with deep personal and/or professional interest in financial planning. Some were personal friends and/or former colleagues of mine or Bernies. We had slightly broader ethnic diversity in this group compared to the first, but this group was still majority white. 

Now that I know that emailing to our registered beta users list will get us this kind of homogeneous group, I will find other channels to get female feedback in the next beta test session.  

In the text below, I generally tried to capture feedback from a relatively open ended interview. The text colors are there just to differentiate between speakers. Italics are bugs or big/good ideas I want to make sure we follow up on. 

To read the document,  visit this link:

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