• 7 Steps to Financial Independence

Step 7: Seize the Day

You have worked hard for this. Your plan is in place and you know what you need to do to live the life you’ve dreamed of. 

Congratulations! This is the moment that we at BodesWell have wanted to give you since the day we started the company. 

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  1. Earning, Spending and Looking Ahead
  2. Building an Emergency Fund
  3. Employer Matching Contributions
  4. Paying Down Expensive Debt
  5. Setting Big Goals
  6. Preparing to Retire
  7. Seize the Day!

Step 7 in BodesWell’s 7 Steps to Financial Independence is “Seize the Day” because it’s time to take hold of your life, the opportunities you have, and the path in front of you. 

A bit more concretely… you’ve got your plan. You know that you’ve got to save so many dollars for this goal, and so many for that one. BodesWell will be tracking your progress towards those goals, and will let you know how it’s going.  

You also know you’ve got to keep your expenses down below a certain amount, or you’ve got to find more income to pay for them. Your BodesWell plan, like all of ours, is dynamic and changeable. 

And, of course, it’s not all up to you. The stock market changes its value of your investments. You might lose your job, or get an unexpected windfall. You might get married, or divorced. 

There are advanced tactics and strategies for financial independence in Step 7. There are backdoor IRAs and other approaches to increase retirement savings. There are strategies for building wealth through real estate. There are companies to start or invest in. These will be added in future versions of BodesWell. 

Because BodesWell is built to be with you every step of the way. As you live your life, you might find that you have to go back to Step 4 and take care of some credit card debt that’s piled up. Or you might choose to quit your high paying corporate job and volunteer somewhere for a while. 

Our hope is that no matter what you want out of your life, and no matter what happens along the way, BodesWell can be the map and the fuel gauge towards your new destination. 

Naturally the map is not the terrain. The map is less interesting. Step 7 is all about enjoying the terrain – walking, running, dancing, struggling over the terrain. Just know that BodesWell is here, no matter which way you choose to go. 

Now go and live your life! May your Step 7 go on and on and on.

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